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Facilities Management: Electronic Systems - London, Middlesex, UK


PEL provide an integrated portfolio of electronic systems, service and expertise across six disciplines for facilities management.
With our nationwide team of over thirty engineers we cover the crossovers between those disciplines, to deliver the most efficient solutions and outcomes for your busy staff and teams.



  • Fire detection, suppression and advanced-level alarm systems to LPS1014
  • Conferencing and public address, white & pink noise sound masking and intercom
  • Security monitoring, intruder alarm, lock-down and access control systems
  • Equality Act 2010 technology - evacuation refuge call and hearing loop systems
  • Audio Visual installations, digital signage and screen networks
  • Music & Media licensing & programming


PEL's mix of services and systems can be adapted to each end-user organisation; we hold assured expert accreditation in each discipline which helps facilities management companies guarantee their own clients’ regulatory compliance obligations and business needs.

Fire protection, detection, suppression, alarm systems


PEL fire safety systems monitor, detect and alert; saving lives and protecting property. As innovators in the field of voice evacuation, our systems hugely improve evacuation times by replacing a bell or siren with a directive voice message.

Security system solutions


PEL security systems monitor, protect, support and alert – to a high tech and reliable security standard, in line with PEL’s consistent approach to quality.

Sound-based systems


PEL’s unrivalled knowledge and track-record of innovation in sound systems enable clear, consistent, reliable sound quality, which can be used in public address, ambient musicaudio-visual facilities, in addition to intelligible voice-evacuation systems and white / pink noise sound masking generators.


Assistive technology


PEL assistive technology systems enable access, empowerment, monitoring, advice and support, according to the legislation in the Equality Act 2010.

Music and Media


PEL music and media and audio visual can sprinkle magic-dust into your various differentiated spaces by warming, welcoming, soothing or energising visitors and staff with unmatched heritage music licensing and enhanced purposeful in-store interactions.

PEL are leaders of technology deployment at the cutting edge of large-scale video-wallslighting control and professional sound systems; we also support essential FM systems with building and facility users.


PEL has grown over 35 years plus succeeding by developing and integrating related expertise, which purposely extends the fit between your likely systems needs and our delivery capability.

We can install, manage and support various aspects of more complex projects too, to reduce disruption and harmonise compatibility in the end result. For economies of scale, this makes perfect sense.

To experience the quality of PEL’s solution offering, we would be delighted to demonstrate the same ethos and knowledge to you, right from when we first speak. So, contact us today or find out why others choose PEL Services as their partner.

We look forward to serving you with added value.

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