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Your Budget - phased works


Whether your capacity is a few thousand or tens of thousands, here are a few key points on budget-planning (and timetabling) for the upgrading or the renewal of your stadium systems:

Here at PEL we see many stadiums in many different sizes and “types”; PEL has worked on full-bowl as well as separate or linked stand architecture, with Case Studies across the range including Celtic, Bromley FC, Aston Villa as well as Scotstoun, Bedford Athletics Track and The Emirates Stadium.

Download Bromley FC Case Study

Our first priority with a new client's location is always to look at fan-safety, making sure that in the event of an emergency situation, spectators, who will be focused on the game, can be alerted with a loud and intelligible voiced message, clearly audible above the venue's peaking ambience at whatever stage of a game.

In practice the systems works required can then be prioritised and phased; this kind of thinking helps to spread the cost and limit the disruption to the normal operation of the venue.

In most cases PEL will focus on the central equipment (the vital control and safety-monitored network aspects of a stadium) first, especially if, after the Loudspeakers are tested, they are found to be able to cope with the assessed peak SPLs (sound pressure levels) required for full-house fixtures.

Stadia are very variable acoustic environments, so in other cases our engineers may recommend a partial upgrade, to bring certain spectator zones up to a compliant standard, first of all, before other objectives are set.

Aston Villa

In other scenarios there may be a partial or full re-development planned, where our expertise could achieve an optimum blend of savings and matchday performance, by avoiding duplication of integrated systems for Public Address and Voice alarm, CCTV, Access Control and Equality Act assistive systems for fans with disabilities.

It is also worth noting that by designing in the matchday entertainment performance to “safety” systems (yes, they can be combined), it means you no longer need to hire or install separate equipment just for those separate purposes.



A good starting point is for us to meet at your stadium and establish what options you could have.

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