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Executive Rooms 

Stadium Executive Box Atmosphere Systems


In a VIP Box you’re trying to do two things at once, watch the game and entertain guests; you’re trying to combine the comfort and the atmosphere.

The action is taking place outside in a huge shared space, open to the weather and an immersive multi-sensory experience.  But your guests are probably a mix of ardent fans and, well, other people. Some of your guests want to enjoy the game but be sociable, while others want to maximise the experience but prefer not to have to keep their coats on.

The comfort of a box can mean losing the “live” atmosphere but PEL can compensate for this by installing stadium atmosphere systems to these areas.   Located around the stadium, ambient noise sensing (ANS) microphones relay their input to instil the live atmosphere within each Box.

These same ANS microphones monitor crowd noise and automatically adjust the volume output of announcements, particularly important when potential life safety PA/VA messages must be heard by everyone.


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