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Systems Integration


Stadium sound and AV integration 


A stadium is a unique structure, in some ways similar to an auditorium but without the benefit of a stabilised internal environment and where, instead, the external atmosphere can play havoc with sound intelligibility.

Crowds of people moving in different directions, mostly unaware of escape routes and evacuation procedures, create an incredible risk pressure.  Communicating with them as they travel through the variety of separate spaces is difficult even under the best of conditions, all the more so if the sound broadcast facilities have been developed over successive projects using different systems.

PEL’s approach is to focus upon the PA/VA system as the platform for integrating the communication to all these spaces. The PA/VA operates on its own AudioBus, which means that it is protected from interference emanating from other systems.

PEL’s expertise in AV screens complements our safety and security systems and maximises communication within the linking spaces.  Well-placed screens in these areas can be used to enhance the match-day experience and your advertising reach.

All match-day systems must be linked to the main PA/VA system so that, in the event of emergency, distractions are automatically silenced - initially in a proportionate, then progressive, way with all channels becoming available to the Control Room.

The advantages of these coordinated facilities combine easier navigation around the ground, better-served by digital signage, and greater safety and security.

We’d love to talk about how these ideas could work to give you the edge in your local derby!


PEL Stadium Sound