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What's the busiest part of a stadium? 


Everyone focuses on the bowl or the stands, missing the “elephant-in-the-room”.  Underneath the stands the huge, dense movement of people through the concourse and between the stands and refreshment outlets poses the greatest test of effective security and safety communications.

Spectators arrive in an eager state, make their way from the turnstile to the right stand and find their seat.   At half time they concentrate on getting refreshments, visiting rest rooms etc and the return to their seats for the second half.  Finally they head for the exits when the event is over.  At all these times there can be thousands thronging the concourses - challenging spaces for PA/VA announcements to be heard and understood!

During arrival, pre-match, kick-off, half-time, re-start, extra-time, streaming out - concourses are the areas of greatest risk! They face massive dynamics throughout the stages of a match - often overlooked, they must still comply with the Green Guide.

At half-time, areas away from spectator seating become the busiest spaces, with family and group members temporarily separated or less well supervised…

Although the stadium is designed to accommodate people watching from an organised seating grid, navigating the routes from the seating areas to the exits or safe areas can create chaos unless clear guidance is given to help orderly evacuation.

We’d love to talk about how PEL’s multi-discipline capability could work for you in parts of your stadium that don’t always receive enough attention.


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