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Case Studies

Sound Pressure Levels

Benchmarking Stadium Sound Pressure Levels (SPLs) properly


When you’re challenged to specify and deliver a system which will actually protect everyone who uses the facility, there can only be one way to determine the benchmarks – Acoustic measurements under the most extreme anticipated conditions of usage.


Your Budget

Your Budget - phased works


Whether your capacity is a few thousand or tens of thousands, here are a few key points on budget-planning (and timetabling) for the upgrading or the renewal of your stadium systems:


Distributed Racks

Stadium Systems - Distributed Racks


PEL's distributed signal processing racks, linked by a fireproof redundant ring, can replace the use of congested centralised space by the use of ‘lower value’ spaces elsewhere.


Executive Rooms

Stadium Executive Box Atmosphere Systems


The action is taking place outside in a huge shared space, open to the weather and an immersive multi-sensory experience.  But your guests are probably a mix of ardent fans and, well, other people.


Stadium Function Suites


Is this you? The pitch-side system is OK, but it is not yet connected or integrated with your function suite/s?


Control Room

Stadium matchday management and entertainment


The Control Room is the strategic heart of Match-Day operations; all-seeing and all-hearing so far as systems allow. 


Systems Integration

Stadium sound and AV integration


The advantages of these coordinated facilities combine easier navigation around the ground, better-served by digital signage, and greater safety and security.


ConcourseEveryone focuses on the bowl or the stands, missing the “elephant-in-the-room”.  Underneath the stands the huge, dense movement of people through the concourse and between the stands and refreshment outlets poses the greatest test of effective security and safety communications.

Scotstoun StadiumPEL Services Ltd., one of the UK’s foremost providers of commercial sound and communication systems, completed the contract to supply and commission a substantial voice alarm and public address system at the Scotstoun Stadium in Glasgow newly refurbished for the Commonwealth Games.

Bedford Athletics StadiumPEL Services Ltd, one of the UK’s foremost providers of sound and communication systems, was selected to upgrade the public address system of Bedford Athletics Stadium, to complement its refurbishment.