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PEL Services’ Digital Congress Network (DCN) System has full corporate video conferencing capabilities. Utilising the world’s first fully digital congress system from Bosch, on-site or remote video congress conferencing is available for corporations, educational establishments and public sector organisations.


Benefits include:


  • Show conference data to your audience via projectors or large screen
  • Show information on screens for delegates or chairman
  • Flexible configuration of the screen by adjusting colours, fonts, texts, lines and images
  • The logo or emblem of your business or a local authority can be easily added as an image
  • Show conference data on screens by means of video display.
  • The following information can be shown:
  • The names of delegates who are currently speaking, with the remaining speech time
  • The listed delegates who are waiting to speak
  • Voting scripts and results (listed per delegate, listed in a synoptic lay out, total results in a chart or listed)
  • The agenda of the day and messages
  • Absent or present delegates


The video display information can be shown to each participant on the podium with a personal colour liquid crystal screen. The same information can be shown to the audience by means of large-scale video screens or projectors.

See who’s speaking


  • Video conferencing cameras automatically shows current speakers on screen
  • Fast-moving dome camera to show current speaker
  • Fixed camera to show an overview image of the venue
  • No camera hardware operator required
  • Delegate information is shown on screen with image of current speaker
  • Free seating when ID cards are used


Camera control automatically shows an image of the current speaker on a screen. A video conferencing system not only generates interest and focuses attention, but also tells participants and observers who are speaking.
The Digital Congress Network can automatically show an image of the current speaker on video display monitors or projection screens in the following locations:


  • Main hall
  • Lobby
  • Interpreters’ booths
  • Break-out rooms
  • Anywhere else that is required


Congress delegate information will also appear on the screen.
No video conference equipment adjustments are required from camera operators as the system does this automatically. When setting up a video conference between sites, delegates from various locations will be able to watch the current speaker.


Video Conferencing Systems for Education, Retail, Commercial Outlets & Public Sectors

As a state-of-the-art video conferencing system, the Digital Congress Network system can be used within the following sectors (both private and public sector):



Our Digital Congress Network can be downloaded here.

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