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White & Pink Noise - Sound Masking System Installations for London, Middlesex, UK


Throughout the UK, PEL Services supply, install and maintain a comprehensive range of noise reduction solutions including white & pink noise generators and sound masking systems (including noise, audio and acoustic masking) to the office, corporate and public sectors.

As many of today’s working environments utilise open plan and densely-populated office spaces, there are two important problems where sound masking is the solution: productivity and privacy.


Productivity - disruptive noise from meetings, conversations, telephone calls and office equipment can cause staff to become distracted and unable to concentrate effectively. In some offices it can be hard to hear telephone calls accurately, risking errors as a result.


Privacy - Meeting rooms may need to provide assured speech privacy, especially those used for sensitive management meetings or human resources purposes, including staff we;fare, grievance or disciplinary meetings.

Research shows that intrusive noise significantly reduces work output and leads to declining job satisfaction, while overheard conversations can lead to unintentional confidentiality breaches in sensitive work areas.



What are the benefits of sound masking?


PEL can bring a demonstration to your site, to give a sense of the achievable effects of white and pink noise using sound masking.


The use of well-installed sound masking provides an even dispersion of shaped masking ‘noise’, that disrupts the intelligibility of surrounding conversations and so creates a less distractive working environment with greatly enhanced privacy.

Concentration and confidentiality are improved by creating a less distracting environment where employees work far more effectively and privately.


Case Study: Zoned Sound Masking


What is Sound masking? White Noise and Pink Noise


The technique to address privacy issues in the open plan and closed office environments and reduce noise pollution is called sound masking, which uses a mix of "white noise" and "pink noise".

In sound masking, a precise electronic sound generator, providing shaped "noise", is fed to an amplifier that supplies an array of specialised wide-dispersion loudspeakers.


White noise is a sound that contains equal energy at every frequency.  


Like a spinning colour wheel where all the colours of the visual spectrum will appear white when perceived together, so “White” noise was superficially similar as an idea for describing audio.


To most people, white noise sounds high-pitched, but this is because the number of frequencies (hertz) doubles with each rising octave. The energy is there for the lower frequencies, but for example:


  • there are 100 frequencies between 100Hz and 200Hz,
  • doubling to 200 frequencies in the next octave, between 200Hz and 400Hz.


Pink noise is a filtered sound that contains equal energy in every octave, compensating for the increasing quantity of different Hz levels.


“Pink” has been said to refer to “human friendly” noise, as many early sound engineers had a pink complexion and experienced sound in octaves, using pink to differentiate from the existing type of “White” noise.


Pink noise contains no distracting variations or patterns and may be likened to the sound of soft airflow.

Sound masking equipment - what is required?


PEL use high-quality products from typically US-based manufacturers such as the Cambridge Sound Management “Qt” range of Noise Generators, control units and Noise Emitters (specialised speakers).


The installation should allow for:


  • Loudspeaker units to be spaced out, providing a uniform volume level over the whole covered area
  • No high or low spots where the system may call attention to itself
  • The overall volume to be calculated by analysing the ambient noise present in the area and set to become part of the normal working environment - typically between 40-45dB(A)

Ceiling Design as part of Sound masking - What is the i-Ceiling Approved Network?


In addition to being experts in the acoustic field with over 35 years of system design experience, PEL Services are part of the i-Ceiling Approved Network with Armstrong, market leaders in ceiling design. This strategic partnership enables a coordinated approach to providing the ultimate solution, the ‘ABC of speech privacy concept’:


  • Absorb and attenuate noise by using high performance acoustic ceilings
  • Block sound with effective furniture systems (such as dividers)
  • Cover intruding noise with sound masking

Contact us today to discuss how sound masking, noise reduction and white or pink noise generation can improve your office space and staff working environment. Alternatively, find out more about us, review our accreditation or how we help other solution providers fulfill their obligations in commercial or public environments.

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