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Hearing Loop System Installers - London, Middlesex, UK


PEL Services design, supply, install and maintain advanced Audio Frequency Induction Loop Systems (AFILS), commonly referred to as Hearing Loops, for various environments where people with a hearing loss need assistive listening technology. 

We will ensure you deploy the right hearing loop system for your particular typical users. Our systems use high quality reliable Ampetronic and Bosch equipment and include:


  • Low-Spill Phased Array Hearing Loops for privacy consideration, in Court buildings, hotels (separated banqueting and hospitality suites), waiting rooms and local government chambers
  • Performance Experience Hearing Loops support for theatres, museums, concert venues, stadiums and other auditoria (as part of Sound reinforcement systems)
  • Across-Counter Loop Applications, including designated or multiple cashier positions, ticket counters, information desks usually undertaken as part our work on other electronic systems (in combination with "passenger information" systems or public address) 


Any setting where amplification is required for the general public will indicate the need for consideration of a proper assistive listening systems for all users, under The Equality Act 2010, and to maximise accessibility for a growing group with significant spending power.


Hearing Loop systems - with proper specification and performance - need to be fully considered for proper compliance with The Equality Act 2010 and installed as part of or alongside larger venue sound system, conferencing or public address system or in a standalone facility, providing an enhanced experience for those with impaired hearing or deafness.


Check out the difference a hearing loop makes - can you hear the quality improvement?



Hearing Induction Loops are designed to work with sound reinforcement in a significantly-sized designated space (or suite of spaces) or to support users of hearing aids in a one-to-one interaction scenario.


Therefore, the AFILS Hearing Loop Systems typically designed, supplied and installed by PEL are in three essential categories, with varying design input and complexity:


Phased Array Hearing Loop Systems - complex environment, engineered solution


PEL specialise in “Phased Array” and low-spill hearing loops, where additional complexity has become a factor because of metal loss (metals used in modern building construction often absorb and weaken the magnetic field) or adjacent Induction loops (two adjacent meeting rooms, where privacy is needed, or users could pick-up the wrong signal) or where the size, or complex configuration of the space presents particular challenges.


For example Hearing loops need to be configured as dual-output circuits of multiple lobes that are separated by a 90 degree phase-shift, to ensure that users receive only the correct AFIL signal for their room - not the room next door, or the floor below!


PEL can provide tailored switching to complement your options – for example, expertise is useful when a meeting or hospitality space is flexible to be either an aggregated or a divisible space; the assisted listening will need to be designed for these options.


Auditoria "one-to-many" Performance Hearing Loop - intermediate solution


Performance Experience support covers a range of spectator, audience or congregation hearing loop applications where there is a solo or group transmission to the public, with sound reinforcement to all parts of a simple or complex space.


The hearing loop must be designed to provide a specific frequency response range in order to reproduce human speech and music while providing a comfortable, high quality listening experience.


Amplifier power and distribution may vary according to space dimensions and a Voice Alarm system will always incorporate a hearing induction loop.


One-to-one Hearing Loop Scenarios – The Equality Act 2010


Across-counter microphone-to-speaker, or interview-room suited portable units can be considered for specific uses; however it is easy to end up with a let-down situation where the experience, amounts - literally - to a sign which promises support which the unit does not or cannot deliver. 


Where there are a range of electronic systems supported by PEL at the site, we choose the right devices across each of the systems, to get an integrated effect.


Accessibility becomes an advantage for your business provided it is done diligently. You need to structure an appropriate service which does what it purports to do. One-to-one devices need a member of staff to champion their proper use, or they can fall into non-use and loss of footfall. 


Hearing Loops in Shopping Centres and Public Buildings


While the Equality Act 2010 indicates that hearing support should be provided for Voice Alarm in emergency situations, generally in noisy environments with multiple sound sources, hearing loop users will be well-served by thoughtful provision of one-to-one support in appropriate places, rather than a single opt-in to a multi-distributed system. PEL Project Engineers can advise on compliance, suitability and how to incorporate the right AFILS equipment, appropriate to usage by those with a hearing loss.


Hearing loop systems to assist people with a hearing loss or deafness


PEL Services provide a variety of induction loop systems for people with a hearing loss, including:


  • The D Series Loop Amplifiers - compact dual output digital  amplifiers designed for networkable applications or where Dante networked audio is required.
  • The MLD Series Loop Amplifiers - compact dual output amplifiers designed for phased array and low spill loop applications.
  • The Plena Hearing Loop Amplifier - cost-effective amplifier designed to drive a wire loop installed in the floor or ceiling of a venue up to 600 sq. metres per amplifier.
  • The ILD122 Professional Audio Hearing Induction Loop Driver - capable of driving loop areas in excess of 200m sq. Offers unsurpassed clarity of sound for both music and speech and backed by an unrivalled 5 year warranty
  • The ILD100 Audio Induction Loop Driver – compact, stylish and capable of driving loop areas in excess of 100m sq. Offers unrivalled clarity of sound for superior intelligibility
  • The CLD1 Compact Loop Driver - designed for specific counter systems and small area perimeter loop systems. Reliable, high performance, low lifetime cost and 5 year warranty


What is a Hearing Induction Loop system?



A ‘hearing induction loop’ is a special type of sound system designed specifically for use by people with hearing aids, or other people who experience hearing loss via receivers. The hearing induction loop provides wireless, magnetic signals that are picked up by a hearing aid when it is set to ‘T’ (Telecoil setting).


The hearing loop includes:


  • A microphone to pick up speech
  • An amplifier which processes the signal that is sent to the loop cable, a wire placed around the perimeter of a specific area, such as a meeting or conference room, a place of worship or a service counter, that acts as an antenna that transmits the magnetic signal to the hearing aid.

  • PEL uses more complex "phased array" configurations to configure performance for applications where adjacent rooms or spaces may need separated channels.


PEL Services specialise in a number of other sound-based electronic systems solutions including:



Contact us today to arrange a complex/intermediate site survey, or simply to discuss your particular hearing induction loop system requirements.


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