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Sound Solutions: PA, Voice Alarm, Hearing Induction, White / Pink Noise Sound Masking & Digital Conference Systems - UK


With engineering quality and extensive technical experience, PEL Services have designed, supplied, installed, project managed and maintained more corporate, commercial and public sector sound solutions than any other UK specialist.

PEL Services have provided a variety of sound-based electronic systems and solutions to leading organisations including: The Ghanaian ParliamentThe BBC, Deutsche Bank, Royal Mail, Marks & Spencer, The BMA, Hugo Boss, Westfield Shopping Centres, HBoS, Debenhams, City Academies and Local Authorities.
PEL’s extensive sound portfolio includes:


High performance PA Systems to suit every business need, offering the highest audibility and intelligibility quality possible.
Easy to set-up, interference-free, voting and interpretation functionality, state of the art digital congress solutions.
Communicate staff messages, run remote workshops or share key information with crystal-clear video and audio conferencing systems.
Enhance the experience for the hearing impaired – ideal for information desks, ticket counters, cashier positions, conferences and places of worship.
Mask distracting noises and conversations within open office environments and achieve higher concentration and productivity.
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