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Access Control Systems for Corporate & Public Sectors - London, Middlesex, UK


As industry leaders in the supply, design and installation of access control systems, PEL’s extensive security experience spans more than 35 years. PEL has worked with many corporate and public sector organisations within the education, leisure, healthcarecommerce and government sectors.

PEL  offers a  variety of stand-alone and networked access control systems, including single-door to site-wide access solutions that can incorporate a comprehensive staff database to allow or ban access to designated areas by status, time of day, or day of the year.

  • Large choice of access readers covering different proximity, card and fob technologies
  • Solutions to high-end décor and entrance presentation needs, as cheap or expensive-brushed aluminium to suit
  • Marine access control applications on ships, boats and yachts


Comprehensive logging facilities can show who accessed what areas with time and date recorded, essential for the secure monitoring of staff and vehicles.


  • Access Control Technology & Security Equipment
  • Networkable wireless solutions
  • Manage and monitor access control via your smartphone or PC
  • Integration of access control and intercom systems
  • Building Control integration with lighting, heating and water
  • Multi-zone intruder alarm integration
  • Fire alarm integration
  • CCTV system integration

Latest features:

  • Anti “pass-back” feature
  • Security lock-down
  • Roll-call and muster-reporting
  • Remote management of access cards or fobs
  • Staff-timesheets

Download "Access Control Paxton PC" Brochure

Download "Access Control Paxton Standalone" Brochure



Door Access Control Maintenance Services


PEL Services provides servicing and maintenance of our own and 3rd party installed door access control systems, as part of our comprehensive maintenance offer across your systems for security, fire, public address and assistive technology.


In addition to Access Control systems, PEL Services’ solutions also include video door entry systems, CCTV, security for retail outlets and an extensive range of intruder alarms.

Contact us today to discuss your Access Control requirements and how PEL Services can help your organisation meet its security obligations. Alternatively, find out more about ushow we help other organisations fulfil their needs or read more about our capabilities in the case studies below:  

Hugo Boss integrated systems
TASIS School in England - Access Control

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