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Royalty Free Music & Non-copyrighted Music Service for UK Corporate, Retail, Leisure & Public Sectors

What's in a name? Non copyright? Copyright free? Royalty free? Licence free? Rights free? What do you call it?

When a business is looking to play music to an audience, awareness of your Performing Rights Licences is pivotal - and whilst gathering material and information to redevelop our website, we came across a minefield of different terms used to define music not attracting a PRS/PPL licence.

They include Rights Free, Royalty Free, Copyright Free, Licence Free and Non-copyright amongst the most common - even though all of them are referring to the same thing! Let’s clear this issue up..

As a music supplier to a wide variety of businesses, we firmly believe that you need to create an experience/ambience brand at your sites or venues which should appeal to your customers and staff. The option of “silence” doesn’t work - silence can be intimidating and we believe it prevents people from feeling comfortable in the environment they are in.

Saving music licence fees to reduce costs can be done a better way – if it suits your brand and your customers. So if you are looking at alternatives to paying PPL and PRS fees we have solutions for you.

Music that is purchased directly from the songwriters, composers and independent artists is what PEL like to call royalty free. Royalty free music does not require the licensing fees to be paid to PRS or PPL, and whilst the sector struggles to nail down exactly what this should be called, it is an area of music that is fast growing, for a wide range of reasons, mostly on the supply side.





The PRS (Performing Rights Society)collects and distributes annual licence fees from the public performance and broadcast of musical works, for each “venue”, where you will have music playing.




PPL is a music industry organisation that collects and distributes airplay and public performance royalties in the UK. This relates to reporting usage.


A PRS/PPL licence allows you to play music in a commercial environment where copyright has been paid to the artist; it is usually produced through a music provider, be it a DJ or music supply company, as opposed to DIY (CD’s, home pre-recorded & mixed as well as various well known on-line platforms, where the copyright you pay for is not for public performances or is not for use in a commercial environment, even if you have a paid a service subscription).

We understand all this may come across as a little confusing but that’s why we are here! PEL will hold your hand through the process of deciding whether to go down the royalty free music route, rather than suffer in silence.