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Music Brand Development for UK Corporate, Retail, Leisure & Public Sectors


PEL Music & Media has been creating in-space corporate and retail music & media solutions for more than 35 years - nationwide. Our music producers give you a fully bespoke mix.

The style and variety of music you play makes your business and your in-store brand experience distinctive.


There is no need to compromise by sharing a pre-mixed “standard music channel” with other retailers and hospitality venues (even your competitors), when PEL Music and Media will give you a fully bespoke mix which is recognisably your brand, expressed in music.


Music is our business and we’ll make it work for you.


Music Branding - Made to Measure


Surely your brand and style is what you've been building towards? Delivering the right atmosphere at the right time to your customers or staff requires a very precise and tailored programme. PEL have been using this "bespoke" approach to clients, of all sectors, since our beginnings. Made-to-measure music solutions are PEL’s speciality.

Like a tailor, PEL Music & Media will visit your stores and leisure spaces, to understand what kind of fit, or “cut” you require in your music brand, to suit you.

We make sure your music backs your brand.

We’ll talk to your marketing agencies, your store managers and your customers, before we fashion a mix of genres, tempo, mood and presence, all fitted to the pattern of the phases of your hourly, daily and weekly footfall or in-store traffic.

Use PEL's music producers to develop the sound that you play.

PEL has unique in-house system-advantages that enable us to be both creative and responsive within hours, if needed. We provide the very best available music supply systems and support and evolve our delivery solutions to keep you one step ahead.

Getting your music profile just right is our number 1 goal: more people will want to visit, stay and spend more, while your staff will enjoy the atmosphere and become more productive in their work output – resulting in a win / win.

PEL has worked with organisations within the retail, leisure, and hospitality sectors including HOB Salons, Zizzi Restaurants, as well as The Entertainer, SCS and River Island.  


PEL's Music Library


Use PEL Music & Media’s vast music library and our deep resource of knowledge and advice, to enhance you customers’ and staff’s experience of your retail, restaurant, leisure or work space.


  • Satisfy your consumers’ experience expectations
  • Create brand affinity
  • Enhance the enjoyment of your business environment and ambience
  • PEL have expertise in many environments: retail, restaurant, salon, workspace, leisure
  • Targeted and sympathetic audio and visual messaging, advertising and in-space entertainment
  • Rapid-response customer service to get the mix of music and media exactly right for the results you need, when you need them
  • An “all-in” solutions for your needs: from creative sound design to planning, to start-up, backed by superb in-house support services and aftercare