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In-Store Music Licensing, Radio & Media for UK Corporate & Public sectors


PEL’s experience within the UK music licensing market is vast. Alongside our creative role in programming the right brand ambience for your customers (and staff), we help manage, simplify and explain the administrative questions and processes of music licensing, keeping you properly compliant.

Since 1970, we have worked within a variety of sectors and environments to help clients use the best music for their customers AND navigate their corporate music and radio licensing compliance. For many satisfied clients, we are their preferred - trusted - “music and radio licensing company”.

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The essentials of music licensing law
for shopping centres, restaurants, retail outlets


Music licensing law for shopping centres, restaurants, retail outlets and stores can be complex. Fees arise from the public performance of copyright music, under two main headings:

(a) “Mechanical* rights” for the duplication of the copyright material onto hard-drive, tapes, discs and CDs and ultimately paid to the Publisher – the Record Company.

(b) Royalties for the public performance of these works, that are ultimately paid to the Artist.


*Duplication and playing of copyright material used to be done mechanically...


Artist Royalties


You also have to pay royalties to the artistes, for the number of times you have played their music and for copyright. The rate that should be paid will be calculated by the PPL, based upon the floor-area of your venue and the estimated number of people who will hear the music, each time it is played.

As these responsibilities are based upon your specific venues, your organisation will need to make these payments directly to the PRS and PPL.

These royalties also apply to a simple radio, if it is extending your private listening to a public space or audience. Legally you are required to accurately report your music usage to the PPL in the UK, who will then charge you for this use.



For music licensing in the UK, PEL Music and Media gives you:


  • Full compliance with music copyright obligations
  • Accurate reporting to music and radio licensing authorities
  • Guidance to music users concerning performance fees


Music reproduction related fees are included within your monthly service payment; PEL's monthly service charges* include our own licensing obligation (for copying selected music to the HD or CD music-players which we provide to you, as part of our service).

*Music hire contracts issued by PEL Services Limited (PEL) give PEL the obligation of paying those copyright fees arising from the duplication of the material (PPL Mechanical Copyright fees) but the responsibility for copyright fees arising from the public performance has to remain with the customer, since it is the customer who operates the site(s) of performance.




The PRS (Performing Rights Society)collects and distributes annual licence fees from the public performance and broadcast of musical works, for each “venue”, where you will have music playing.




PPL is a music industry organisation that collects and distributes airplay and public performance royalties in the UK. This relates to reporting usage.


PEL work with the PPL and the PRS day-in, day-out, as part of our role in recommending, curating and duplicating music for customer venues. PEL is therefore well able to support you in your own dealings with these bodies, which will arise as for you as a public music performance site-owner.