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Bespoke - Made-to-order

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adjective – made to order; or adapted for a particular user or purpose.


Sounds like …YOU!

Here in the PEL Studio, we create and evolve completely bespoke in-store music playlists for each and every one of our clients.

No playlist is the same!


We’ll take it up tempo, or cool it, combine rich and raw, mix unpredictable variety with professional consistency and we’ll keep tasting and blending as we grow in conversation with you. We sprinkle stardom, curate current flavours, keep it "PG", even think about when silence might be appropriate - and we are equally ready to challenge listeners (if the brand calls for it); sometimes that is what it takes.


This service is included in your package as standard; unlike our rivals, who have been known to charge up to £500 for 2 hours just to work on a playlist (we aren't in the Mood to divulge who). 


Due to our dedication to provide unique playlists, our team scour the deepest darkest corners of the new music landscape, liaise directly with artists and keep in contact with record labels to find the perfect sound for every client. There is no artist too obscure – or too popular, for our creative programmers.


So hats off to our Music Tailors, who have amassed over 50 years of music programming experience between them; in some cases going back to the days of stopping and starting their old cassette deck recorder! These experts are in your hands for as long as required to build your ideal unique sound. Once again bespoke, as standard.  

Now, if you're looking for YOUR perfect sound, head over to our Contact Us page and get in touch. 


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