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Rush Salon - Sound System and Music Serving

Setting the right mood and ambience in an award-winning hair salon is key to creating an enjoyable and relaxing experience for clients; that's why Rush appointed PEL Services Music & Media to supply background music, using its tailored MusicStore service.


Established in 1994, Rush has grown to 62 salons that have accumulated 52 awards to date. Music is considered a key factor in the Rush brand identity and is something the company takes seriously. Carole Dowd, Operations Support Manager for Rush, explains:


"Music is important to our company's image. The quality of the sound is important, so is what's played. We want uniformity across the salons and to ensure this we needed greater control of the playlist. Using MusicStore we can ensure the right ambience. PEL can even adapt the music on a demographic basis to meet the slightly different requirements of an inner London salon, with one in the suburbs. Plus they can alter the music to the time of day, with calmer music in the morning and something more upbeat towards the end of the day."


MusicStore is a cost-effective, reliable and flexible music service incorporating an easy to use hard disc music player, loaded with an extensive library of selected tracks, which are curated by PEL's expert music programmers to reflect and promote Rush's image and brand, by tuning-in to their customer profile-range. Each month the playlist is evolved with new tracks and sequencing.


For more information please contact PEL Services Ltd by email, or call us on 0333 123 2100.