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Stadium development - what will be your next substitution?

What if you could have an EXTRA substitution?

Picture the scene: The game is IMPORTANT; you’re one-nil up - which do you bring off the bench – spectator experience or fan safety?

PEL Services has the managerial experience to now demonstrate how a wide-ranging progressive upgrade of Green Guide systems can be budgeted and tackled over consecutive seasons, bringing technology solutions to bear in assuring fan safety, as well as opening up the possibility of making big improvements in the matchday spectator experience.

Working with several Premiership stadia and up and coming clubs around the UK, PEL’s team has already delivered early tangible improvements through foundation works, then worked with the clubs, scheduling more visible improvements in phases, all planned according to the fixture calendar.

As PEL’s Chris Wilcox says: “This is a formative area, where many clubs can bring a huge benefit to their loyal fans and fill season ticket seats because of the improved matchday experience, not just in sound clarity, but as a matter of safety provision and the ability to plan a strategy for future stadium development.”

PEL has a range of multi-disciplinary systems solutions which can be applied throughout all types of stadium, from large bowls to your typical club and community grounds.

Explore our Stadium pages to find out how PEL integrates the different parts of a stadium network, from the roof to the concourse, connecting the matchday hospitality and function room systems.








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