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Free Schools - Fire and Security systems innovation


Free Schools are bringing fresh thinking to education

- important though to be well-advised about safety systems you need.

Increasingly Schools are coming out of State control and managing their own budgets. This gives them the chance to think differently and adapt buildings around their pupils, staff and local communities, rather than being conventional or one-size-fits-all.

PEL Services works with the electronic systems you need in Primary and Secondary Schools, Sports Halls, Theatres and Libraries.

Fire Detection and Alarm and Security Systems, as well as Equality Act Disabled Refuge and Public Address systems are all tools of a secure and well-monitored environment for getting on with effective schooling for kids.

PEL’s track record makes us well consolidated, experienced, well-resourced and ready to take on similar work responsibilities in a whole series of home counties schools, bringing management much needed financial savings from economies of scale, as PEL can minimise the number of different engineers needed to maintain each site.

PEL safety and efficiency systems for Free Schools include:



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