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Having vs Owning? The answer is Leasing

When you choose an ancillary system, what are you really sourcing?


Here's another way of looking at the value of your Sound, Fire and Security systems - what do they produce for you?  




Question: When you buy a Drill, what are you really buying?

Answer: The holes it enables you to make, and the value of the time it would take to find an alternative way of making them!

The electronic systems that modern organisations use to protect and support operations are a capital cost but an everyday operational lynchpin, giving you compliance, performance, sometimes even value-adding ambience!

So the reality is that when you invest in electronic systems, you’re actually paying for performance protection and convenience  – so like an insurance premium or a mobile phone contract.

In practice these systems, if purchased outright the conventional way, would depreciate dramatically and also degrade in performance, as a prelude to reinvestment.

By the time you’ve added in the expensive management time to handle the depreciation and procurement of the replacement… the whole thing is looking a lot more expensive.

So it depends how you look at it.

It depends upon your perspective.

It depends upon matching your costs with your revenue.


Leasing your performance systems – the leasing mindset. Let’s take a few examples:

Public Address & Voice Alarm – large systems where the objective is to spread the up-front cost across the life of the system, especially where significant public attendance funds revenue.

Access Control and CCTV – security insurance from managing access and staff, leasing this type of system prevents waste losses, offset against the capital costs, with an efficiency input too.

Fire Detection, Alarms and Disabled Refuge – as with Public Address, but with a more general compliance aim, to prevent false alarms which would otherwise absorb expensive management time.


Let’s put it in real terms. Name the system you require here and we’ll cost it both ways.








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