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When Saturday comes ..PEL will be there for the many


To many, "when Saturday comes" means the football and to others it may mean "shop ‘til they drop". For some the weekend is topped and tailed with journeying.

Sometimes it can mean all three!


Q: Shopping, Football & Transport – what do these pastimes all have in common?


A: Well, one answer is that they provide a key theme to some of the biggest projects that PEL have been awarded: our ability to handle noisy acoustically hostile environments and integrate sound systems with fire, security and audio visual presentation - or intelligent music content programming.


PEL specialise in designing electronic systems to protect people and enhance their enjoyment of visiting what are a wide and varied range of buildings, venues and infrastructure. We are respected and recommended partners for Bose Professional Sound, Bosch Security systems and other industry names.


You’ll be surprised where we’ve played our part. Recently, PEL’s range in projects has included a World-class Shopping Destination, a European Champions’ League football stadium, an Award-winning City Library and some key elements of national UK infrastructure. We love to think big, given the opportunity! We also look after many schools and some large hospitals, where systems need to work around the clock.


When you go to the match, you go for the atmosphere in the crowd, the cheers and the howls. When you go uptown for serious shopping, you join the throngs – another crowd experience. These days on every journey you navigate noisy congestion, whether by car, train, or even on foot!


PEL services have always delivered great quality, intelligible sound in Public Address systems, with or without Voice Alarm, for important Equality Act provisions in fire safety and hearing induction loops, or in Music Sound systems and with remote-managed audio branding in well-known stores.


For over 35 years we’ve continually brought on new technology to improve safety and drive efficiency in the delivery of benefits for organisations and their customers, staff, travelling passengers, shoppers, citizens, tourists, fans.


Find out more and improve your next project for the people who will be there when its done. 


To discuss your projects and how we can help systems integrate to achieve more, contact us today.

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