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Space NK Switch-over In-store Sound Solution - By PEL

Q: A new in-store music system, tailored to a cosmopolitan retail environment, with a Hard Drive roll-out, to over 60 stores in two weeks? Really??


A: No problem, assuredly handled by PEL Music & Media, each store was switched over with minimum disruption, during a pre-planned appointment scheduled for low customer footfall according to data for different days.


It’s a ready-made solution to what we call the "Stepping-Stone Problem" – you’re stuck mid-stream because stepping off from a less than ideal in-store music situation seems risky - but if you want to reach a better place, a sure-footed guide with a helping hand is just what you need.


The actual process in each store was pre-engineered so that in-store music was off for just 15 minutes, with PEL’s MusicStore playlists pre-cued to play upon install. With the right preparation, PEL’s Hard Drive simply plugs in where the previous music service was uninstalled.


PEL’s MusicStore linked Hard Drive is a superior technical solution, with potential for daily or real-time control of evolving playlists, which can be simple or complex, all managed by PEL, online. It helps that PEL are industry experts in Sound Systems, Bose Pro-Partners and are Internet Protocol savvy, across a range of electronic systems.


With the new music already playing, PEL then re-EQ’d the existing sound system to achieve optimum sound quality and networked PEL’s HD player onto Space NK’s own in-store WIFI network for ease of future management.


Under contract Space NK now has direct download playlist management, via the PEL in-store Hard Drive, with mixed genres of music being continually evolved, seamlessly.


Would you like to know more about how PEL Music & Media can improve your customers in-store retail experience? Contact us today.

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