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PEL gets projects completed. Ready. Done.

We don't do "close enough". The type of systems that PEL Services installs and maintains are the kind that use sound and sensing to make visitors, customers, staff and property safer; the kind that

makes spaces accessible for all, easier to navigate.


The kind that have to be reliable enough to run 24/7, that make a space more pleasant, more identified, more exciting - more of a natural habitat.


Systems that can only be completed when the "critical path" has become as critical as it can be!


Systems that just have to be complete, on-time, ready. Done.


This is why we have honed our skills over 35 years, including this important one - the skill of how to get things DONE without getting in the way...


Examples of PEL's flexibility and dedication to project completion:


  • school or college needing urgent works in the summer, winter or Easter holidays
  • A football stadium requiring timed and comprehensive solutions installed during off-season
  • Huge numbers of nationwide retail outlets needing to launch in the run-up to Christmas each year
  • Transport infrastructure that typically needs night-working, in order to be back to peak flow in the morning


Our DBS-checked technical engineers are great at taking care of maintenance works where vulnerable people are living, or being cared for on site, in healthcare facilities or sheltered housing


Then there are those projects that we just can't talk about. Did you know that PEL are trusted with systems that are a matter of National security and infrastructure - all we can say is that the UK's government trust us. And you can too..


We've also been trusted to be involved in preparations for the 2014 Commonwealth Games in Scotland. Not to mention an enormous shopping centre at the edge of the Olympic Park, which had to be open just in time..


"Flexibility" is our middle name. Two others words are often used to describe our work ethic by our customers: "versatility" and "dependability".


Why? We've often found that when we're asked to get involved in projects, the 'critical path' to project completion is in deficit.


What does this mean? Project completion dates can be lagging behind the agreed timescales and if not put back on track, serious repercussions can be felt on many levels.


So what's the bottom line with PEL? When we're in the thick of it and know there's an awful lot at stake, we deliver..


To discuss your projects and how we can help get those completed, contact us today.

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