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MEDIAinSTORE keeps Retailers one step ahead - PEL Music & Media

MEDIAinSTORE from PEL Music and Media is a fresh, innovative concept in retail radio and in-store audio promotion, providing retailers with a unique, tailor made service to reinforce their brand and differentiate themselves from the fierce competition on the high street.

Whilst retailers have long been aware that the ambient mood in their stores is essential in targeting the right customers and securing sales, sound has often taken a back seat.  But retailers who want to stay one step ahead of the competition are beginning to understand the impact sound – which includes music, advertisements and sales promotions – can have in reinforcing their brand and increasing sales.

With MEDIAinSTORE , creating a sound that is unique to you is now both possible and cost-effective.

As part of the MEDIAinSTORE service, PEL Music & Media works closely with retailers to understand their precise sound requirements and the type of environment they want to create.  From here PEL creates a play list, advertisements and promotional messages to match this exact ambience, all played out in store using MEDIAinSTORE software.

Unlike other in-store radio products and services on the market, MEDIAinSTORE is exceptionally flexible. MEDIAinSTORE ensures a retailer’s ’sound’ is as unique to their brand as are their logos and in-store design.  Furthermore, MEDIAinSTORE can be designed to cover all branches simultaneously to present the impression of a dedicated, live radio station as well as meeting individual store needs, such as specific regional promotions or events. MEDIAinSTORE makes the best of every sales opportunity with minimum effort.

Using the latest, foolproof sound technology and powered by BCX, MEDIAinSTORE can transmit "radio" programmes to every location that is set up by PEL to receive the service; there is no limit to the number of stores and even independent retailers with as little as a single store can benefit from the service.  Content is stored digitally, allowing for regular updates by ADSL, Broadband or CD, making the system far less vulnerable to local equipment failure than other broadcast methods.

MEDIAinSTORE can be used with any in store audio system and has the added backing of PEL’s 35 years of experience in design, supply and install of sound systems.

With a succession of stores up and down the country such as JD Sports and Thorntons benefiting from MEDIAinSTORE , you can rely on PEL to show you how to adapt to tomorrow’s needs, so you’re always one step ahead of the competition!

For sales information please contact PEL Music & Media on 0333 123 2100.

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