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Voice Alarm Systems for Corporate & Public sectors - Middlesex, London UK 


Voice Alarm system installations (aka Voice Evacuation or PA/VA systems) are specialised emergency evacuation-assistance systems where Fire Detection and Alarm engineering is combined with Public Address expertise. This is the technical meeting-point of two prominent PEL Services expert capabilities.

Large public buildings such as retail shopping centresstadiums, theatres  Innovation campuses or exhibition halls must be equipped to protect visitors and staff by giving the occupants and visitors a fast, intelligible warning of fire and clear directions for immediate evacuation.


Retail & Shopping Centre Voice Alarm and Evacuation Innovation


Effective Voice Alarm and safe evacuation of the public requires specialist skills in design and installation, to ensure that emergency messages are clearly intelligible and the system satisfies an organisation's on-site emergency plan. Preparation of an emergency plan must involve input from emergency services and insurers to identify areas of primary risk, types risk and expected response times.


PEL's history of experience and innovation in Voice Alarm began in 1984 when PEL, encouraged by the London District Surveyors Association and the London Fire Brigade, worked with Arup Acoustics to issue a competent Voice Alarm specification. In 1994 PEL chaired a working group to establish a new code of practice for Voice Alarm (VA) systems, which subsequently became British Standard BS 5839: Part 8.


PEL designed and installed the largest Voice Alarm system of its type in Europe, at Westfield Stratford City shopping centre.


This system is a testament to the expertise of all involved in the design, specification and installation; it proved so good for bass-response as well as safety-first voice announcement intelligibility, that Nicole Scherzinger's performance at the official launch opening ceremony was fed through it, in preference to the dedicated performance system which had been hired specifically for her!




PEL engineers designed the system to be controlled from two independent fire command centres, employing the Bosch Praesideo system's IP-networked "daisy-chain" configuration, which facilitates freedom to design detection and sound-distribution for the unique characteristics of a building.


After taking stock of detailed Fire Detection system specifications, PEL used the Acoustic Consultant's analysis of the various acoustic areas to specify a range of different speaker types: Nearly 1500 loudspeakers were used in total, along with 45km of fire-resistant cable, 21 equipment rack locations and over 3 tonnes of batteries for back-up!

Voice Alarm and Fire System Installations


PEL Services specialise in working with installation customers and end users to fulfil stringent legal requirements, including fire alarm and smoke detection installations, fire telephone systems and fire extinguishing equipment.


PEL are BAFE and LPCB compliant and hold a 'Certificate of Conformity' to undertake single point responsibility for services and commissioning of Fire Detection & Alarm Systems, meeting the requirements of LPS1014: Requirements for Certificated Fire Detection and Alarm System Firms, the highest accreditation in the industry.

Our FIA trained engineers ensure requirements are met by assigning a qualified technician to be the customer’s first point of contact, guiding them through the design, installation and commissioning stages. Upon project completion our dedicated service department will provide ongoing support for the lifetime of the system.

PEL have helped many customers fulfill their fire protection responsibilities, including: Westfield Shopping Centre Stratford, Government Agencies, the Business Design Centre, Celtic Football Club, and Debenhams.

To discuss your voice alarm, fire protection and smoke detection needs, contact us today. Alternatively, find out more about us or how we help other service providers fulfil their clients’ needs.

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