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Fire Telephone systems for Corporate & Public Sectors - London, Middlesex, UK


As industry leaders in the supply, design and installation of fire telephone systems, PEL’s extensive fire protection experience spans more than 35 years, having worked with a host of corporate and public sector organisations within the education, leisure, healthcarecommerce and government marketplaces.

Often a requirement for high-rise buildings, but useful in many others, the fire telephone provides a secure means of communication between fire marshals and fire services to manage an emergency situation.

PEL’s fire telephone systems range from small systems with a handful of outstations to large bespoke systems that incorporate refuge call points for disabled occupants.


PEL’s Fire Telephone system technical specification:


  • Point-to-point two way fault-monitored voice link
  • Battery supported 24V DC power supply
  • Back-up emergency battery supply
  • Conventional telephone 'ring' tones
  • Visual and audible-calling indication states
  • Available as up to 16, 32, 48 and 64 call outstations with individual call status indications
  • Custom versions available
  • Choice of outstations
  • Outstation cabling may be loop, radial or combination
  • BS5839: part 9: Code of practice compliance for emergency voice communication systems
  • Specialised fire-safety intercom system, built and installed to extremely high standards
  • Continuous fault self-monitoring


The master panel is normally located at the main entrance of a building for use primarily by the fire officer. The outstations are strategically positioned around the building for use by fire marshals or fire brigade personnel.

Using the protected communication link, personnel can assess the emergency situation and implement the appropriate action. This is particularly desirable in high-rise buildings where an evacuation needs to be coordinated to prevent stairwells becoming overwhelmed.

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Emergency Call & Voice Communication System Installations


Communication systems in refuge areas are known as Emergency Voice Communication (EVC) or Emergency Call Systems. This system is suitable for installation within all types of EVC application, including disabled refuge, fire telephones or stadium marshalling systems.

For most people, a simple instruction like “please leave the building by the nearest available exit” can be acted upon quickly and easily. But for wheelchair users, the disabled and infirm, this isn’t always the case.

Current Building Regulations recognise this and insist all new non-domestic buildings with more than one storey provide refuge areas with emergency call systems – relatively safe places where people who cannot easily use fire escapes and evacuation lifts can call for urgent assistance and wait until help arrives.

Simple, effective two-way communication in these areas is essential, firstly to assist rescue teams in determining where assistance is required and secondly to reassure people help is on the way.

Incredibly easy to use and offering true duplex speech, our system meets and exceeds the requirements of standards such as BS5839 part 9 in all areas and is hugely cost-effective in comparison to other systems on the market.

Download SigTel emergency voice communications brochure

In addition to fire telephone systems, PEL’s fire protection solutions also include fire alarms & smoke detection, fire alarm installationrisk assessments and an extensive range of fire extinguishers.

Contact us today to discuss your fire telephone requirements and how PEL Services can help your organisation meet its fire protection obligations. Alternatively, find out more about ushow we help other organisations fulfill their needs or read more about our capabilities in the case studies below:  

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