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Fire & Smoke Damper Servicing for Corporate & Public Sectors - London, Middlesex & UK


Do you have fire and smoke dampers in your large buildings?

Not sure?


The Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 (RRO) requires that you review your risk assessments and arrangements for inspection and maintenance and testing of any fire and smoke dampers in your building. This includes their associated control systems and actuating mechanisms (these may well be difficult to locate or to access).


Fire dampers are fire-stopping dynamic barriers, situated within the air-ducting, hidden between floors and ceilings of large buildings. When a temperature-threshold is exceeded (normally 76 degrees Celsius), these are designed and installed to be able to automatically shut-off defined areas of the ducting. By automatically deploying in this way, fire and smoke dampers are a crucial factor in preventing the spread of fire and smoke, in large buildings.


Fire and smoke dampers should be inspected and tested at least every two years but, due to the sometimes hidden location of these systems, any intervening changes to the partition of accessible spaces, for people, may have compromised the effectiveness of the fire-damping configuration of the original room-space layout. 


While dampers are part of the ventilation system, PEL has identified consideration of these, as part of keeping your fire protection up to par, alongside inspection of your fire alarm and extinguishers.

Changes in fire safety legislation have placed the accountability for safety upon the "Responsible person" for the premises. To ensure you comply with the law and have fulfilled your responsibilities, PEL Services can send an independent fire risk consultant to carry out your fire safety assessment. 

PEL's service includes:


  • Full evaluation of the fire precautions on your site
  • Evaluation of the fire and smoke risks
  • A detailed report of the findings, presented in person
  • Full support and guidance on any improvements required


Fire and Smoke Dampers - What you need to know


PEL Services’ fire risk consultants cover the UK and can perform independent fire risk safety inspect checks and assessments that you are required to have carried out.


Fire Risk Legislation


Full details of the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 are available at

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