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Teddington Secondary School's AV Installation: Making the budget work


PEL Music & Media was invited to tender for the Drama, Theatre & Music Department’s Audio Visual package.  With the initial plan leading to a consultant’s specification pushing the budget to over £140,000, it was not long before Headmaster Richard Meeks and Deputy Headmaster Jeremy Law decided to re-evaluate their requirements for these demanding areas. 


During regular meetings with contractors Mace Plus, M7 and Validus acting on behalf of the Richmond Borough Council, PEL were invited to re-design the AV system to accurately reflect the school’s syllabus at a cost that would not exceed budget.


Audio Visual Installation

PEL’s design satisfied all of the school’s requirements, with a saving of over £42,000 against the original design, yet achieving a multi-functional system for the Drama, Theatre & Music Department with overall control provided by a wireless Crestron solution incorporating:


  • Crestron Wireless control and automation
  • 24 Channels of Dimmable Lighting for each Drama Suite
  • 48 Channels of combined Lighting control for stage production
  • Local & Remote Control Of Stage Lighting Desks
  • Large Scale Projection Systems for each Drama Suite
  • Local Audio Engineering Point for Live Productions
  • Outboard Processing for Live Performances
  • Full Digital Recording & Editing Suite for Live Productions
  • Turbosound Front of House PA System with Full Stage Monitoring
  • 24 Channel Mixing Console for Production & Recording
  • 24-Track HDD Digital Recorder
  • Firewire Interface for Editing Suites such as Pro-tools, Garage Band, & Nuendo etc.
  • Flat Response Studio Monitors
  • Instrument & Vocal Microphones
  • Quad Audio Compressors
  • Quad Audio Noise Gates
  • Reverb Processors
  • Audio Input Panels c/w Headphone Interfaces for Music Ensemble Rooms
  • Audio input Panels c/w Headphone Interfaces for Music Practice Rooms
  • Patch Panel interfaces to allow simultaneous matrix configurations of audio signal routing
  • Local & remote control of Audio, VGA & Video signals in each Drama Suite
  • RS-232 Control of the Venue House Lighting for Theatre use
  • Track & Curtain system
  • RS-232 Control System with easy to use GUI


Due to the complexity of the system a Crestron Control with Wireless Touch Panel was included within the design and PEL’s in house programming team provided a user-friendly GUI (Graphical User Interface) enabling easy access to the system.


PEL Programming - Automatic Event Switching 

With guidance from the Deputy Headmaster on operational requirements, PEL programmed set commands that would automatically switch the systems to the correct state for events such as Stage Performance, Live Bands, Recording, Assembly and Theatre by a simple press of a button. Crestron controls Stage Lighting Dimmers, DMX Signal Routing, Data & Video Projectors, Projection Screens, BSS DSP Audio Processor, Kramer VGA & Video Matrices, DVD Players and the Drama Suite’s House Lighting System.

With a saving of over £42,000 from the original design set out by the consultant, PEL delivered all the required disciplines above and beyond the schools expectations and delivered a system that was on time, within budget and fit for purpose.

For over 35 years PEL Systems has been a leading UK systems company that designs, supplies, installs and maintains sound, fire, security & communications systems.  For sales information, please contact us.


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