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Norwich Bus Station passenger information communications system


Norwich bus station has advanced ticket machines and real time passenger information. On average, the bus station sees 7,800 bus movements, 200,000 passengers boarding and the information centre helps 21,000 people per week. The bus station cost £5m to build.

PEL was chosen to provide the passenger information system, due to our expertise in providing sound solutions.


The specification required announcements, both live and recorded, to be broadcast to any combination or all of the twelve bus stands, along with queue-friendly music.


The development was part of the County Council's £9.5m Government-funded scheme to improve the bus network in and around Norwich. The Public Transport Major Scheme provides a better network of bus lanes around the city, public transport interchange at the railway station, ticket machines and improved passenger information and waiting facilities.

Touch Screens - Controlling the Sound System


For ease of use, touch screens located in key areas provide a graphical representation of the bus station and enable control of the system. The PC based front end stores and routes any number of stored messages to the bus stands, along with storing over a 1000 hours of music. Automatic operation of stored messages and music may be interrupted at any time for live announcements to be broadcast.

Cloud Multi-Amplifiers and Speakers 


After amplification, using proven Cloud multi-amplifiers in a convenient single housing, the loudspeakers used were specially designed and commissioned by PEL in co-operation with Macemain, the bus stand manufacturers, to fit into their vandal-resistant housings.

Infinitely Expandable for Messages and Stored Music


Being PC based, the system is infinitely expandable and adaptable, allowing for changes of stored messages and music used. The system will also allow for ‘construct messaging’ where key words may be assembled into a message and broadcast.

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