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McDonalds (London) new sound system - perfect quality and ease-of-use


PEL Music & Media was awarded the contract to design, install and commission new sound systems into McDonald’s’ biggest UK franchisee’s restaurants.

Franchisee Pru Naik has 24 McDonald’s restaurants, mainly around West London and Berkshire.  What sets Pru apart is his desire for customers to have a “differential experience”.  His McDonald’s feature stylish dark bamboo and cream colour schemes, flowers on the tables, free wi-fi in every restaurant and now a superb new sound system.

Brand & Communications Manager Rico Pieri investigated the sound options and found Bose to be both quick to respond and helpful.  Bose put Rico in touch with one of its leading Bose Pro-Partners, PEL Music & Media, for the system design and installation.

PEL was asked to design and install a sound system initially for McDonald’s London Victoria restaurant which was the first to be kitted out as part of the high spec refurbishment. The existing sound system hadn’t been changed since 1999, but the restaurant had been refurbished and the layout changed, which affected the overall sound quality.


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Bose 4400 Business Music System Design

PEL designed the system using a Bose 4400 Business Music System with digital processing and ambient noise sensing.  The latter was particularly important for a restaurant like Victoria as large customer groups often arrive in one go raising the ambient level to the detriment of the music.  With ambient noise sensing the sound level adjusts automatically, leaving staff free to continue to serve customers rather than continually breaking off to adjust the music volume level.

PEL installed the entire sound system over two nights, enabling the restaurant to operate as normal in the day.

In Store Music and Playlist


In addition to the equipment installation, PEL also secured the contract to provide the in-store music, creating and regularly updating the play list.  This is supplied on CD at regular intervals and loaded onto the hard drive in the restaurant, although McDonald’s is looking to switch to Broadband for simpler delivery, as recommended by PEL.  The playlist has been cleverly designed by PEL to change throughout the day, starting with mellow, quieter music in the mornings.

"100% Focus on the Customer"


McDonald’s are very pleased with the sound system which manages to combine the two key aspects they were looking for – great sound and ease of use – as Pru explains:

“It now feels like one zone of sound rather than pockets.  The ambient noise sensing is also a great feature as it doesn’t require attention from my staff which means they can focus 100% on the customer.”

PEL Music & Media is a division of PEL Services, one of the UK’s most reliable and respected providers of equipment, installation, maintenance and servicing of quality commercial, music, sound, fire, security and communication systems, with over 30 years experience.

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