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Harrow Civic Centre relies on PEL Fire Detection & Alarm


PEL Services Ltd., a leading UK systems company that designs, supplies, installs, commissions and maintains sound, fire, security & communications systems, installed a comprehensive fire detection and alarm system at Harrow Civic Centre.

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The Civic Centre, which houses the majority of Harrow Council’s staff, consists of nine buildings and a restaurant, all of which are very busy during the day.

The Centre’s previous conventional fire detection system was due for a refit to see it through the next few decades.  Over 600 Apollo devices, including detectors, sounders and beacons, had been used in the old system, so the council was keen to use the same protocol to maintain continuity during the complex reinstatement process.

All the Apollo devices were replaced with their modern counterparts in the different buildings that make up the Civic Centre. The fourteen addressable control panels that are installed across the large site in the centre of Harrow were interconnected via a fault tolerant network to achieve a comprehensive fire detection solution.  In addition, the system was designed to accommodate regulations such as the Equality Act 2010 through the incorporation of sounder beacons throughout.

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