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Furniture Village embraces "ambience branding" in 39 stores


Nationwide furniture store chain Furniture Village selected PEL Music & Media’s MEDIAinSTORE as it's retail radio and in-store audio promotion solution.

MEDIAinSTORE was rolled out across 39 Furniture Village stores in a just five weeks by PEL, enabling the high street furniture chain to rapidly extend its branding to embrace in-store audio, for improved brand messaging and uniformity. The number of stores has grown - and recently hit 50!


Charlie Harrison, Group Marketing Manager for Furniture Village, explains: “We wanted to bring consistent music and messages throughout our stores and create a much more stylish feel through our music.”

MEDIAinSTORE enables retailers such as Furniture Village to create a sound that is as unique to their brand as their logos and in-store design.  Unlike other in-store radio products and services on the market, MEDIAinSTORE is exceptionally flexible and can be designed to simultaneously transmit radio style programmes to all branches to present the impression of a dedicated radio station, or tailored to meet individual store needs, such as specific regional promotions or events.  This was a key aspect for Furniture Village who had been relying on individual CDs played by staff until then.



As part of the MEDIAinSTORE service, PEL Music & Media worked closely with Furniture Village to create the modern, relaxed, easy listening play list, which is updated monthly.  More up tempo music is programmed for staff motivation before the stores open.  PEL also produces all the audio promotions from scripts provided by Furniture Village.  These change weekly and have been designed to complement their broadcast ads.  The relationship has been so successful that it has become a dynamic two-way channel, with Furniture Village using tracks recommended by PEL for its TV advertising.



In addition to the adoption of PEL’s MEDIAinSTORE , Furniture Village is also using PEL’s extensive experience in sound system design and installation to equip new stores.  The first of these were the Cheltenham and Farnborough branches, with New Malden closely following.  Charlie Harrison is very pleased with the result: “The sound quality and coverage is better....It makes the experience in our stores much richer”.


Download the Furniture Village Case Study
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