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Docklands Light Railway extension - Public Address and passenger information system

DLR 3-Car Project

The whole of the railway’s infrastructure had been extended and PEL was tasked with upgrading the Sound Communications Network.

This involved the installation and commissioning of loudspeaker arrays to provide sound coverage on platforms once they have been extended to accept 3-Car trains as well as the installation and commissioning of new sound equipment outstations, amplification and loudspeaker arrays in new and refurbished stations.

A project of this nature requires close support and cooperation with many partners and other stakeholders. Working as a team, this included:

  • Closely liaising with the principal contractor and electrical sub-contractor to ensure the project progressed smoothly and was delivered on time.
  • Providing detailed drawings, technical specifications and methodology.
  • Conducting environmental tests to ensure broadcast sound is not a nuisance to local residence and falls within the remit of each station’s planning application.
  • Providing client familiarisation and training to DLR’s maintenance teams.


In order for the Sound Communication System to be effective, it has been designed in such a way that station announcements can be clearly heard on the platforms, yet mitigating the nuisance effect of over-spill to local residents.

Passenger use has grown massively since first opening in 1987 and the network carries over 80 million passengers each year. To meet these demands, the network infrastructure was modified in 2010 to enable the use of 3-car trains, greatly enhancing the passenger capacity of the railway.


Since first opening, the Docklands Light Railway (DLR) has been central to the regeneration of London’s East End. PEL Services Ltd designed all the public address and passenger announcement systems. Having been a specialist contractor for DLR since its inception PEL is responsible for the Sound Communications Network that announces passenger information at all of the stations on the railway. The network has previously been extended to serve the business and financial district centred on Canary Wharf, tunnelled into the City to connect with Bank Station and extended to the south to connect with Lewisham.


The more recent extension to serve the London City Airport is currently being extended further to connect with Woolwich Arsenal, where PEL supplied a new Bosch Public Address and Voice Alarm system and a further extension is planned to provide an alternative route from Canning Town to Stratford.

Specialist Contractor

Using Ditra infrastructure, announcements are stored and retrieved automatically from a central control then transmitted to the relevant station to be decoded and broadcast over the local loudspeaker system.

This time critical project demands a level of experience and dedicated resource that few organisations can truly offer. Over 35 years of supplying such systems to railway networks throughout the UK and Eire makes PEL Services Limited an ideal choice to support a project of this nature.

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