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Debenhams - Integrated PA / voice alarm systems, fire alarms, refuge call & intruder detection


Following a long line of successful installations for their prestigious department store client, PEL Services has installed its integrated systems in three Debenhams' stores at Blackpool, Livingston near Edinburgh and Westfield in London. 


PEL designed, supplied and commissioned fire alarm systems, public address, voice alarms and disabled refuge call systems in the latter two and designed, supplied, installed and commissioned fire alarm, voice alarm, MATV, intruder alarm and disabled refuge call systems in Debenhams Blackpool.

The key to success for these systems was the ability to cope with the size of the stores and the project timescales, particularly when programmes ran in tandem.  Each of the Debenhams stores trade from substantial space over a number of floors, thus demanding carefully selected equipment to achieve a reliable and effective result, easily installed over large areas.

Latest Open-Protocol Systems: Aspirating Smoke Detectors


PEL satisfies the fire detection and alarm requirements in the new Debenhams stores by designing, supplying and installing the latest open protocol systems. At Livingston the system also benefited from aspirating smoke detectors that sample the air from protected areas to give even earlier warning of a fire.

Public Address / Voice Evacuation Systems for Safety and Music


To enhance safety, PEL installed a Bosch Plena voice evacuation system with a variety of speakers in the Blackpool branch.  The other stores have a different layout and did not require the voice evacuation but have been fitted with public address systems that are used to broadcast music and Debenhams ‘In Store Radio’, also supplied to every Debenhams store by PEL’s Music & Media Division.

The Debenhams Blackpool store has also been fitted with a Europlex intruder alarm system and MATV (aerial distribution system).  The latter allows for TV and music to be played in different departments.

Refuge Call & The Equality Act 2010


All three Debenhams stores benefit from refuge call systems by PEL to comply with British Standards and the Equality Act 2010.  A specialised intercom, the refuge call system consists of a modular control panel installed at a control point in each store, connected by an independent link to remote hands free units in each stair well.  The system allows a disabled person to alert the central station to their predicament, enabling appropriate action to be taken.

The systems provide Debenhams with effective round the clock protection, as well as substantially contributing to their sales efforts.

For over 35 years PEL Services has been a leading UK systems company that designs, supplies, installs, commissions and maintains sound, fire and security systems.  For more information or to discuss your integrated security needs, please contact us or call 0333 123 2100.

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