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Public Address and Voice Evacuation System for BBC Monitoring


PEL Services installed the site-wide public address and voice evacuation system for BBC Monitoring at Caversham Park near Reading.

PEL extended the Bosch Praesideo system throughout the entire Caversham Park site, incorporating 400 voice alarm loudspeakers across 16 interleaved loudspeaker zones.  The system is fully compliant to BS 5839 Part 8, the code of practice for the design, installation and servicing of voice alarm systems.

Public Address and Voice Evacuation Installation with Minimal Distruption


PEL completed the installation and commissioning work at Caversham Park with minimal disruption to the building and staff – an important consideration for the BBC.  The bulk of the work was undertaken during office hours but, in some areas where access was not practical during the day, PEL worked through the night. Indeed, flexibility and adaptiveness are two of the many reasons why clients choose PEL.


BBC Monitoring provides a round-the-clock study of TV, radio, press, internet and news agency sources worldwide – a valuable resource for governments, NGOs, analysts, academics, multi-nationals, journalists and individuals.  It has operated from the house at Caversham Park for almost 70 years, although the house itself has existed for some 150.  Whilst not as old as the house itself (!), the Public Address and Voice Evacuation system was reaching the end of its usable life and no longer served all the areas that were added in recent years.

Caversham Park

PEL was deemed to offer an expert as well as cost effective solution and was awarded the contract to install a new system throughout the facility, providing the added benefit of its detailed site knowledge since installing a system during refurbishment of the new operations room two years previously. 


Bosch Praesideo Public Address and Voice Evacuation System


Knowing the system would need to be extended site-wide at some point in the near future, PEL selected the Bosch Praesideo public address and voice evacuation system as it not only provided the quality and facilities required at the time but it was readily expandable.


Clark Hunter, Building Engineering Supervisor for BBC Monitoring, is pleased with the outcome: “PEL has provided an excellent service and have always been sympathetic to our requirements”.

Thankfully the public address and voice evacuation system hasn’t had to be used in an actual emergency but is tested weekly in line with best practice.

For over 35 years PEL Services has been a leading UK systems company designing, supplying, installing and commissioning sound systems, fire solutions, CCTV and security systems, assistive technology and communications systems. 


In addition, PEL provides a range of service agreements including routine maintenance and fully comprehensive cover, on third party equipment as well as PEL systems throughout the UK and Eire.

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