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Greencore Access Control and CCTV

Greencore Park Royal is a busy production workplace, where CCTV is a key part of efficiently managing process and hygiene. PEL's phased review of the site optimised productivity-enhancing and efficient forensic review systems.

Greencore Park Royal is a busy production workplace, where CCTV is a key part of efficiently managing process and hygiene. 

Greencore originally approached PEL in April 2016, for servicing and maintenance of their existing CCTV & Access Control systems. PEL showed Greencore how they could upgrade in phases, to solve integration and achieve more from the systems.

At the Park Royal site there were a total of 65 cameras covering conventional external security and site entrances, as well as enabling remote monitoring and review of stringent hygiene standards and production line processes. Existing systems had become cumbersome to operate and manage, due to a number of unreliable or low-resolution cameras and multiple obsolete DVRs. These required manual co-ordination of separate recording sources, with the risk of losing co-ordination with  staff changes.

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Tech has moved on to such an extent that PEL additionally recommended some strategic upgrading of the backroom (rack) systems, using the Milestone platform and Dahua cameras in an easy to digest, phased upgrade, beginning with the back office DVR rack and monitoring, followed by - again phased - improvement of the camera set-up.


PEL designed a phased review of the entire site, in a scheme to address the business needs and external security needs of the overall solution area by area, making use of existing cabling, where possible and well-suited to the task. In the first two phases 34 new 4 megapixel HD cameras were installed to improve the input quality, paying dividends when there is an incident and investigative playback with zoom-in is required, in order to be clear on the course of events. Most usefully the system is now integrated, without the need to switch between multiple control & playback systems.

During installation, PEL’s engineers followed a specially adapted stringent health & safety protocol, including decontaminating their tools, avoiding the use of any cardboard and using plastic reels for cable.

PEL were able to deliver exactly the right level of technology for a busy, continuously operational logistical site, spreading the capital expenditure and crucially without hampering operations during installation, nor over-engineering the package with unnecessary costs for over-specification.




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