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The Third Space health club - Fire and Security systems

Re-furbing radical London health club, The Third Space, chose PEL Services for fire & security system installation.


The Third Space is a pace-setting London Soho Health Club which brings together the best experts and facilities to cater for peoples' requirements for an active healthy lifestyle, nutrition, medicine and fun. After originally opening in 2001, the club had been undergoing extensive refurbishment work.

Phase one, creating a new reception, while relocating the medical centre and main studio, was completed in 2015.


PEL undertook extensive design work to configure, install and commission modern fire systems and security systems to protect users of the club and the considerable investment in state of the art facilities, which include private medical and GP services.

Download The Third Space Case Study on integrated security systems

Internal CCTV System with 24 Hour Security Cameras


PEL installed an internal CCTV system which features day and night CCTV security cameras that automatically switch to night vision when light-levels drop below a certain threshold. In the swimming pool area, a camera was fitted with a very wide-angle lens to ensure complete coverage of the area with just one device. In the reception, the cameras have been integrated with a panic-button facility for added security and reassurance. The entire CCTV system is recorded 24 hours a day.


Networked Access Control System


A networked access control solution was fitted to the newly re-located Medical Centre. The system allows authorised staff to come and go freely, but prevents others from entering patient areas without permission. The system is designed to be easily expandable (up to 200 doors), ready for when subsequent phases of the refurbishment are completed.


Intruder Alarm System


In addition, PEL upgraded the intruder alarm system from an old closed protocol system to an open protocol addressable system that is more flexible and accommodates a wider choice of equipment, including specialist devices and control panels.


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