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Yours is a pivotal role, satisfying the dynamic demands of an ENTERTAINMENT BUSINESS whilst PROTECTING the spectators and your REPUTATION – at Home or Away, you’re always being judged by the fans! Let’s take a look at each level of a stadium:
  • To meet statutory evacuation procedures the system must satisfy SPL (Sound Pressure Level - volume) and STI (Speech Transmission Index - intelligibility) standards.
  • Most modern Stadia combine PA/VA (Public Address/Voice Alarm to BS5839: Part 8) and the main Entertainment system (to BS6259 – audio standard)( to achieve greater life safety performance and economy of scale.)
  • No more temporary hire of Pro-Sound rigs – instead, full range systems that deliver BOTH the exciting experience of atmospherically charged Music and dynamic Matchday Announcements and the solidly reliable Life Safety information and Safe Evacuation guidance in one!

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  • The PA/VA System must operate on a dedicated standalone network to prevent interference
  • PEL recommends Dual Redundancy in Audio Networks using latest technology Minimum BS5839 part 8 requirement is a fireproof redundant fibre ring
  • Most Clients accept the need for a dual redundant fireproof Fibre Network to cope with the Match Day data traffic (CCTV, Access Control, Turnstiles, Tills, Hospitality and Press needs)
  • Equipment Racks can be distributed

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Control Room

  • Pivotal to safety management - match day crowd control & emergencies
  • Most modern Stadia have a pitch view control room
  • Options for video wall installations that display high resolution CCTV monitoring

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Match Day Entertainment

  • All match-day systems must be linked and able to be overridden by the main PA/VA system
  • Pitch Side systems linked via Fibre network for seamless redundant operation
  • DJ Booths are commonplace in most modern venues for the match day entertainment

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Hospitality Areas

  • Executive Boxes can have live “Atmosphere” feed systems installed
  • Must also be linked to or overridden by the main PA/VA system

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Function Suites

    • Must be covered by the main PA/VA evacuation system.
    • Pro Audio & AV solutions can be programmed to have Match day and non-match-day modes
    • Mode settings enable you to cater for important functions away from the pitch with the touch of a button - award ceremonies, weddings, conferences etc.

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Concourse SPL and evacuation contingency

  • Experience has shown that ambient noise levels in these areas can be both varied and transient because of crowd movement at various times during an event
  • Turnstiles - The “ins” and “outs” require co-ordination and management via Access Control, CCTV and PA. See the Green Guide and BS5839-8
  • Ambient noise sensing (ANS) is a good answer to combat the problems with dynamics of various noise levels at various times of the event

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Click on the pitch to view Main Speaker System.

Does your system comply?


  1. Is your system fully critical path monitored such that, in the event of a failure, an alarm is raised both in the Control Room and on the Fire Alarm Panel?
  2. Does your system comply with the dual redundancy requirements of the “BS Standard”?
  3. In the event of a Mains Supply failure, will your system still operate on Battery Standby in accordance with the “BS Standard”. (With a Standard Generator, Battery Standby is still a requirement)?
  4. Does it meet the SPL (Volume) required to evacuate the Stadium, at each stage of a match?
  5. Is it intelligible, would everyone hear announcements and, most importantly, understand the Evacuation Message?
  6. Does your system meet the STI (Speech Transmission Index) criteria for PA/VA Evacuation Systems?

If you cannot answer these six points, we need to talk urgently.


Life safety system monitoring – The value of one human life doesn't compare

Central equipment – Racks, Amplifiers, Speaker lines all need critical path monitoring.

Systems must have a dual redundancy set up in the form of A & B circuitry including dual amplifiers, digital signal processing, and A&B sets of speakers.

Remote monitoring functions allows the facility to have offsite maintenance and fault finding rectification.


Phased installation methods

 Thumbnail of Celtic CS

Strategic upgrade of the Match Day system can be phased in scheduled tranches to minimise the expenditure within an overall budget plan.

Installation can be done while maintaining existing system ( i.e. on a stand by stand basis)

Systems can be upgraded via distributing control equipment at various locations around the venue utilising our dedicated Fibre network ring.

We can enhance existing systems short term prior to full installation using equipment that would be reinstalled within the final main Installation.

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